Diaglogue : The Arriving and Vanishing

2d hand-drawn animation, 2024

    Synopsis : A woman and a man are seated at a seaside café, facing each other. And the traces of their emotions and memories pass by in their mind along the sound of the wave.

A Place in Blue

  8min 40sec, 2D hand-drawn animation, 2021

    Synopsis : A girl is searching for her mother in a grocery store and in a forest. At the end of the forest, she encounters passages from her mother’s life.

Perhaps by Depravity He Actually Meant Tenderness

experimental animation, 4min, 2019

    Synopsis: Seoul Metro’s circle line number 2. Subway train doors are the curtains on the stage. A lot of passengers get on and off and monologs of three characters begin on the stage.

A Story On the Toilet

experimental animation, 2min 11sec, 2019

    Synopsis: Office workers sitting on the toilet complain about their stressful lives at work. Their complaints are drawn on tissues and flushed out through the toilet.