Virtual Character no. 6
charcoal on canvas, 89.4 x 162.2 cm (left),
107 x 162.2 cm (right)

This work is about the memory of the other and the relationship with her. The motive of the work is her photos I took. The common point of a photo and a memory is that both are dead scenes in the past which cannot exist in reality anymore. I wondered if the friend in the photo and the friend facing me in reality are the same person. If photos representing her in my memory, who is the girl facing me in the real world?

Titling the work, [Virtual Character] to express the gap between memory and reality, I tried to describe my despair and doubt about whether we really know others. The misty texture and composition of a partial face as secretly observing viewers delineate a mysterious mood of the object moving between memory and reality. The mono tone was chosen to embed my sorrow and frustration into the painting.

Pale Blue Dot, 2018 graduation exhibition in Painting department, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea